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Some background
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I grew up on a farm in the midwest.  I rode a horse before most kids had their first bicycle.  I helpd outside with chores, with planting fields, harvesting - even spreading manure.  The painting is of my father's favorite cow, Agnes.

Agnes. a Brown Swiss

My childhood

Growing up an a small family farm, with beautiful animals all around.  Plenty of outside work that was never onorous.

My favorite things:
Long walks outside.  When visiting the family farm, every morning a walk around the block - that's four miles.  And that's rain, slow or sleet.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

The Brahms Third Sympony. the Brandenburg Concertos, Anything by Frieda Hempel, Mado Robin or Natalia Dessay, Horowitz playing Schumann and Scriabin.

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